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Executive Members (2016-2017)

VP Conference: Somaya Amiri
Organizes the annual CHSP conference. Manages the conference planning committee.

General Program Coordinator: Beatrice Yeung and Jonah Dabora
Executes topic-specific projects for the academic year.

VP External: Vivian Lynn
Represents CHSP to other McGill groups, attends conferences, plans the pre-departure program for Taiwan and Europe, collaborates with other global health groups.

Research Coordinator: Nousin Hussain
Publishes Taiwan’s exchange research paper in a journal, presents research at conference, pursues one research project.

Co-Directors: Stephen Lee and Zainab Doleeb
Oversees general direction of McGill CHSP.

Lecture Series: Emily Rose
Organizes several public lectures. Recruits speakers, prepares posters with the collaboration of VP IT and markets events with the collaboration of VP Communications.

VP IT: Hanna Davies and Rahma Wiryomartono
Produces posters and images for events. Maintains the website.

Taiwan Coordinator: Aleksandra Rita
Responsible for planning and coordinating the CHSP Public Health Program to Taiwan in cooperation with other executive members and CHSP’s partners abroad. Establishes an application process and recruits a team to review applications.

VP Internal: Ashley Tseng
Responsible for recording minutes, booking meeting places, printing the agenda, and managing the CHSP Taiwan Program Alumni community.

VP Europe Exchange Coordinator: Sharon Qiu
Responsible for planning and coordinating CHSP’s Public Health Program to Europe in the summer. Organizes a committee to plan the logistics of the trip, book hotels/hostels, screen and interview participants, etc.

U0/U1 Rep: Julie De Meulemeester, Alain Al Bikaii
Makes in-class announcements and assists in the organization of at least 1 event.

VP Finance: Robin Bei Luo
Applies for grants, fills out reports and audits, seeks sponsorships, reimburses members.

VP Communication: Carla Achcar
Responsible for ensuring that events and activities are promoted on campus through social media, in-class announcements, listservs, etc.