About CHSP

What is the Comparative Healthcare Systems Program (CHSP)?

The aim of the Comparative Healthcare Systems Program (CHSP) is to provide opportunities to compare and contrast different healthcare systems. We hope that ideas for the betterment of the Canadian healthcare system will develop from participation in our international exchanges and other various events.

We plan to achieve these objectives by giving members information concerning non-Canadian healthcare systems and healthcare in general, investigate the pros and cons of non-Canadian healthcare systems, and promote exchange of information and experience pertaining to public healthcare between students of McGill, departments of McGill University and other institutions. We will achieve these objectives through activities such as conferences with guest speakers with particular healthcare knowledge, information tables, educational meetings, fundraisers for public health-related organizations, and exchange trips aiming to investigate a given healthcare system.

CHSP was founded in 2009 now McGill graduate Victoria Lin. She organized an exchange program to her home country, Taiwan, hoping that through exchange, comparison, and contrasts, ideas could form and eventually contribute to the betterment of the Canadian healthcare system. Since then, the program keeps strengthening its reputation and has served students with backgrounds ranging from medicine to economics, neuroscience to sociology, and many others. CHSP now has a new organizing committee aiming to expand the horizons of the program as well as reaching out to more like minded students.

Annual Reports:

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