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The two-week exchange in June is mainly open to Medical School students, but we also encourage students who are highly interested in global health and cultural exchange to apply. We partner with local medical institutes, hospitals, professionals and universities.

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May 17, 2017: Ice-breakers and Radiation Oncology

By Jocelyn Jia

Today, we visited Chemei Hospital in the Yongkang District of Tainan City. First, we attended a lecture about radiation oncology delivered by one of the physicians at the hospital. We then toured the radiation oncology department, and observed the tools and medical devices used to treat cancers (for example, head and neck cancers, which are very common in Taiwan but not as frequently seen in the US and Canada). Next, we participated in an informative and interesting Q&A session with 3 physicians from El Salvador. Questions asked included motivations for becoming a physician, differing healthcare system structures across cultures, and many more!

Touring the radiation oncology department at Chemei Hospital.

We then headed back to SZMC for lunch and a short period of free time. I took the chance to watch the singing competition that was being held at the school, which is compulsory for all first year students. Each class sung one song in front of an audience and a panel of judges. It was very fun to watch!

Next, we visited some of the students in the Occupational Therapy department and participated in some activities with them. The students asked us some questions to get to know us better (for example, what was the best food item we ate in Taiwan). We also played a guessing game, in which one person would draw on the chalkboard and the others would try to guess what was being drawn.

Fun activities with students from Occupational Therapy!

Afterwards, we joined the international leadership club for some more ice-breaker/bonding activities. First, Jennifer (from McGill) taught us some yoga exercises. Then, we played some more games as a large group. It was a great way to end an eventful day!